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Ignite Payments Referral Program

Ignite Payments referral program

Ignite Payments's referral partners are businesses that want to provide their business units, franchisees, or customers with merchant accounts so they may process electronic payment transactions.

Referral partners enjoy many benefits:

Specializing in small and medium-size businesses in both traditional and Internet environments, the Ignite Payments Referral Partner Program provides flexible and secure products and services that enable merchants across the nation to accept nearly all types of electronic payments. These payment options include:

  • An association with Ignite Payments, one of the nation's leading transaction processors.
  • The ability to provide customers with a one-stop shop by offering bundled solutions that include the Ignite PaymentsSM Global Gateway and Ignite Payments's merchant accounts and services.
  • Major credit cards: MasterCard ® , Visa ® , American Express ® , Diners Club ® , Discover®Network , JCB®
  • PIN-secured and signature debit
  • Quick service restaurant (QSR) point-of-sale solutions
  • Dynamic wireless processing solutions
  • Gift cards
  • TeleCheck ® Warranty and TeleCheck Electronic Check Acceptance ® (ECA ® ) services
  • Web-based, e-commerce transactions through the Ignite PaymentsSM Global Gateway - one of the most secure and complete online payment solutions

Additionally, Ignite Payments provides setup for most customer accounts within 72 hours and will support our partners' merchants through the entire payment process with:

  • One of the highest approval rates in the industry
  • Multilingual customer services (more than 140 languages and dialects) available 24/7
  • A dedicated relationship manager to help successfully launch and manage a new merchant's payment processing program
  • A full suite of industry-leading online sales management tools
  • Gift card programs to help build customer loyalty
  • (MMO) - a dedicated customer service Web site giving business owners personalized account information 24/7

Ignite Payments also helps our partners develop customized programs and materials to reflect their branding requirements.

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