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Global Gateway

Global Gateway

Global Gateway empowers merchants with the Internet equivalent of a point-of-sale(POS) terminal without the hassle or expense of hardware or software maintenance.

How does it work?
1. The merchant logs into Global Gatewayl. The merchant enters the order information into a simple online form.

2. The powerful Global Gateway processes the transaction and sends a response back within seconds. Global Gateway automatically e-mails receipts to both the customer and the merchant.

What are the advantages of Global Gateway?
  • Merchants can log on from anywhere with Internet access, giving them instant access to process orders and review reports from wherever they are. Multiple users can access LPC simultaneously, enabling cost-effective mail-order/telephone order call centers that can grow (or shrink) as business needs change. The customizable interface enables merchants to tailor the virtual POS terminal to suit their own businesses, choose from several user-friendly themes, and/or change the colors and graphics. Merchants can enter recurring transactions for subscriptions or membership fees. Global Gateway provides merchants comprehensive real-time transaction reports, including bar and pie charts with drill-down action to instantly see the data under the picture. Fraud protection features such as Address Verification Service(AVS), card code(CVV2,CVC2,CID), and transaction blocking help merchants prevent fraudulent transactions. LPC is compatibale with card-swipe devices and provides printable order receipts to give merchants a full retail processing capability.
  • the product catalog feature enables faster, more accurate order entry and the ability to track the merchant's product sales.

Global Gateway also acts as a secure portal for merchants to manage everything related to transaction processing, from running secure point-of-sale(POS) transactions to preventing fraud to reviewing transaction reports. Everything is readily available right within LPC.

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