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Global Gateway API

Global Gateway API

Developers, software programmers, Internet service providers (ISPs) and commerce service providers (CSPs) with an advanced knowledge of the C or Java programming languages prefer to use the Global Gateway API (application programming interface) client to integrate secure credit card processing into both simple and complex e-commerce Web sites. This allows customers to pay for products and services online with a credit card without leaving the merchant's Web site. Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) technology is used to encrypt confidential transactions and order information and to pass them directly from the e-commerce site to the Global Gateway.

Global Gateway API includes modules that calculate tax and shipping and that enable the sale of digital content through electronic soft-good downloads (ESDs). In addition, Global Gateway API provides sales, returns, real-time authorizations, purchasing cards and real-time reports.

Integration tools In addition to C or Java client libraries, Global Gateway International has created a series of software wrappers to support development on various platforms and application environments (e.g., Perl, COM, ColdFusion, PHP, iHTML)
Fraud protection Provides crucial preventive measures that allow merchants to block specific credit card numbers and Internet protocol (IP) addresses
Address Verification Service (AVS) Assists merchants to validate a cardholder's billing address with the issuing bank.
Global Gateway VirtualCheckTM
Global Gateway API allows electronic check acceptance to be integrated into the merchant's Web site; customers electing to pay for goods or services by check are prompted to enter check information into a form created and maintained on the merchant's Web site
Periodic billing
Global Gateway API allows merchants to create a recurring billing system for memberships, subscriptions and other periodic billing purposes
Reports and tools
Provides real-time management via the merchant's Web browser
Shopping cart software vendors
Many software companies have integrated Global Gateway API libraries into their shopping cart software to facilitate ease of use and configuration with merchant Web sites
Purchasing cards
Global Gateway API supports the use of purchasing cards


About Global Gateway API Modules

  • The Global Gateway API shipping module calculates shipping by flat rate or dollar amount per order. Shipping tables are configured based on zones or the type of shipping used. This versatile module allows merchants to determine shipping charges precisely.
  • The Global Gateway API sales-tax module calculates sales tax by state and municipality. This module allows merchants to determine how or when customers are charged sales tax for products and services they have ordered.
  • The Global Gateway API electronic soft-good download (ESD) module completely automates the Internet-based sale of soft goods (i.e., products that are ordered and electronically paid for and delivered via downloads, including software, graphic images, photos and music). The ESD module allows the digital-content vendor to sell soft goods with byte-by-byte tracking of the software download. The module also supports key-type downloads, which the buyer can use to unlock an encrypted file downloaded by other means.

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