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Ignite Payments Products

Ignite Payments Products

Today's powerful hardware and software programs simplify merchant payment solutions in traditional or Internet environments. Whether you're processing online transactions or point-of-sale credit cards at a restaurant, you can quickly and effectively complete your customer's purchase.

The Ignite Payments Global GatewaySM suite of products provides powerful business tools that are designed to improve payment processing and decrease the transaction time. We have specifically chosen products to help you, the small to medium-size business owner.

Whether it is a point-of-sale terminal or mobile equipment, or in-store, our solutions help you organize your transactions, help manage a restaurant or run a mail order or Internet business.


Ignite Payments Products

The Global Gateway AIO
is an all-in-one terminal/printer that supports all payment processing demands of today’s merchants.

Ignite Payments Products
Omni® 3750
Bold, stylish profile conserves counter space and is ergonomically designed so that the terminal can easily be handed to customers for PIN entry or other input.

Ignite Payments Products
Omni® 3200
makes the best-selling payment terminal in VeriFone's history better. The terminal's fresh new look and customizable faceplates add branding power to the point of sale. The models also have a 30% smaller footprint than the original 3200/3210. An integrated printer with "clam shell" design provides drop-in paper loading, to prevent jams and reduce calls to your help desk.

Ignite Payments Products
Hypercom® ICE
is easy to use and has an integrated interactive touch-screen.

Ignite Payments Products
Hypercom® T7P
featuring a small footprint that saves counter space and eliminates clutter. The 35 key keyboard features singlestroke activation for check, debit, void, refund, and many other functions.

Ignite Payments Products
supports credit and debit cards, as well as electronic check acceptance, check guarantee and American Express Travelers Cheques through its built-in check reader.

Ignite Payments Products
Verifone® 1000SE Pinpad
provides the perfect solution for acquirers, processors, and merchants looking to capitalize on the rapid growth of debit, EBT, and other PIN-based transactions.

Ignite Payments Products
Exadigm® Mate Plus Cellular
is a next generation POS terminal which is equipped with a CDMA / 1XRTT / GSM / GPRS Radio Modem and utilizes 128-bit TCP/IP SSL encryption.

Ignite Payments Products
Nurit® 8000
is a flexible, lightweight, handheld terminal that enables fast, secure, error-free transactions for on-the-go merchants.

Ignite Payments Products
Way® MTT
combines low-cost mobile phone technologies with the capabilities of a Point of Sale terminal for about the price of a mobile phone.

Ignite Payments Products
Global Gateway 9100
is a mobile handheld terminal for point-of-sale card transactions, which enables merchants to conduct business anywhere, anytime.


Ignite Payments Products
Global GatewaySM Secure Payment Gateway
allows merchants to sell securely from their Web sites, enabling customers to purchase products or services online with their choice of credit card or electronic check.

*If you're intersted in another payment gateway, we also offer Authorize Net, Verisign, and Yahoo Gateway.

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Ignite Payments Products
 Global GatewaySM Central      allows merchants to manually
enter credit card transactions on
a PC, via a browser, through a secure connection to the

Global GatewaySM Connect
wraps around a merchant's existing Web site, permitting shoppers to pay securely for purchases with a credit or debit card.

Ignite Payments Products
Global Gateway API
enables software companies and electronic service providers to add encrypted security capabilities, as well as tax and shipping calculation features, to their products or custom storefronts.

Ignite Payments Products
Shopping Carts
Through strategic partnerships with leading shopping cart vendors, Ignite Payments makes it easy for merchants to set up online catalogs with full shopping cart and ordering capabilities.

Ignite Payments Products
Global Gateway Wrappers
are integration tools that merge with the Ignite PaymentsSM Global Gateway.

Ignite Payments Products
Global Gateway VirtualCheckTM
enables customers to pay for their online purchases with a secure electronic check.


Ignite Payments Products
IC Verify®
Using a personal computer (PC) or PC-based electronic cash register (ECR), the ICVERIFY product processes all payment types, including credit, debit, check, purchase cards, private label cards, and stored value/gift cards.

Ignite Payments Products
 PC Charge Pro® is an award-winning, Windows-based payment processing software product designed to save merchants time and money by providing powerful features and performance at the point-of-sale. PCCharge Pro is a cost-effective solution for all business types, including brick-and-mortar merchants, e-Stores, and MOTO (mail-order/telephone order) shops.

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