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Eclipse Terminal

Eclipse Terminal

The Eclipse terminal makes all types of payment transactions easier by processing a variety of noncash transactions in one integrated package. Merchants no longer need several terminals to process and authorize checks, credit and ATM/debit cards, or electronic benifits transfer (EBT) transactions, because the eclipse does it all. The Eclipse terminal is the enabler for the TeleCheck® Electronic Check Acceptance (ECA) service, which converts paper checks into electronic transactions and automatically deposits the funds directly into a merchant's account. As an added bonus, the Eclipse has a built-in receipt printer, so no additional equipment is needed.

Supports all noncash payment options, including checks, credit and debit cards and EBT transactions Single solution for all payment needs
Built-in inkjet receipt printer Practical, durable and compactly designed to reduce countertop "footprint"
Large, backlit touch-screen display window Allows for a user-friendly interface and exceptional visibility, even in low light
Imaging capabilities
Enables merchants to process checks without identification in most cases
Speeds checkout using risk-assessment capabilities
Instantly authorizes checks
Converts paper checks into electronic transactions with added precision, reducing the risk of error and fraud.
Sate-of-the-art check reader
Automatically collects and inputs data from credit cards and driver's licenses, reducing procedural errors
Dual-track magnetic stripe reader
Full reporting capability
Provides easy access to all payment information, including totals and details
Stores up to 300 check transactions and 300 card transactions Greatly reduces closing-frequency requirements


In addition to Ignite Payments's standard warranty package, a one-year membership in the Ignite Payments Merchant Club allows vendors to enjoy the benefits of free service, parts, labor and guaranteed equipment replacement within 24 hours due to fire or theft.

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